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Recorded February 5th and 12th by Jacob Lee, PlasticSkull Records and Studio in Fresno, CA.


released March 4, 2014

Greg: bass, vocals
Matt: guitar, vocals
Nick: drums, vocals


all rights reserved



INSIDE THE SUN Fresno, California

We see the schism between Heavy and Psychedelic as null. For the last 45 years, metal has surely gotten more brutal, but has often left its psychedelic origins to wither. We hold that our metal should be both heavy and trippy.

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Track Name: Slashed by the Throat and Cast Into the Bog
the blood as it pools grows cold as the mire
the leaves on the trees are catching on fire
black smoke as it rises it darkens the sky
pteropine wings open and fly

black smoke as it rises we cough out our lungs
terrible magicks beat death chants on drums
bog stench grows thick with meat stink on the air
insects swarm rampant feast on bowels left bare

haematophagic magi chant oaths to the darkness
black tooth grin of trees dark spirits harken!
Track Name: Into the Air
mountains thou behold keeping secrets not to be retold
moon dance from shadows' hold run as fast as all the lights can
black feathers won't fly leave frozen blood and fallen trees where they lie
bellows with cold song's high howl as loud as all the wind can

ice crowned crags won't compare to the wool that's pulled over your eyes
moon on high's stoney stare pulls smoke from lungs into the air
Track Name: Melt
psilocybin on my mind
breaking down and stopping time
standing on the edge of space
knowing not what awaits

step into the light
and taste the sound
melt into these hills
through a door in the sky
enter another realm

ate a little cap and it feels like naught
sacred light borne of rot
spiraling into repeated thoughts
had a little cap and it feels like naught
Track Name: Eclipseid Shadows
in the forest dwells an ancient lich
slumberer coughs ice wind breath
gnarled wood consumes gnarled bones
will thou know when he wakes?

to the altar mark
bring heads of harts
the blood congeals
the master steels

ax blade sheen blinds even the sun
darkness to the forest comes
eclipseid shadows fall heavy
dost thou know now he wakes?

the blood congealed
the master steeled
will swallow whole
the forest old
Track Name: A Number Concerning the Inevitable Heat Death of the Universe
my name is dusk
my blood is a falling sky
the stars shall lay thou to waste
red sun's slow death
presses down a stagnant beat
commence the final dance

and now you've felt the pain,
in fear you shall remain!

my name is night
my reach is limitless
my power touches every soul
recurrent fate
the owls foretell
no force shall stay my heavy hand

pale light's slow burn
ushers forth with a cold fire
palindromic fractals eat Sol's rays
my name is dawn
my breath is a cold wind
thou shall not suffer my coming

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